02 | 08    Pierre Cardin – fall / winter 2017 (men collection)

Men, don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you, we are preparing new goods for you as well. Currently you can check a showcase of photos from new fall/winter 2017 collection of Pierre Cardin, the gallery can be found like usually in Collections page. This collection consists of 3 sub-collections called “Denim Academy”, “Future Flex” and “Le Bleu” .. will you recognize them?

17 | 07    Elisa Cavaletti from Daniela Dallavalle – collection fall / winter 2017

With summer slowly passing by we are preparing for fall / winter 2017 season and bringing new fashion brands for you. Since this season you can find also brand Daniela Dellavalle at our store with her collection Elisa Cavaletti. And because this collection is really rich you can browse through 50 sample photos to see what you can expect. And if you won’t have enough, you can follow us at facebook where you’ll always get fresh news at first.


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